Google/ Blogger are DICKS!!

Got an email last week from Google telling me to remove my 'adult content' or have my whole blog removed. Well its their site so here you go asshole, SUCK IT!


How fat does fat have to be, to be fat?

So I joined the BBW group on DA called CNyle-Love and figured I put a couple of my pics in there. One was accepted (link), another was declined (link) and two were left to expire in the Que (link) (link). Now my OC Felicia was accepted, she was fat enough, the one that was declined was of my character Holly who was playing with self so I guess it was because of some decency thing but the ones that were left were of Fumie and Roxie, certainty not thin gals but how could they miss on the BBW casting call. So it turns out that for this group a BBW means really, really, REALLY FAT, as my other pics weren't really cutting the bulge standards. Now as to personality of the characters, Fumie does not like to be refereed to as a BBW, to her its just as bad as calling her a 'cute fat chick'. Leaving her out fits her personality. Roxie on the other knows that lots of guys love her extra weight and she works it, but not being 'fat enough' suits her too as she accepts the fact of her weight even though she is not totally crazy about it.

Me personally I think those pics were left because of their breast to belly ratio wasn't large enough on the belly side to suit them. Most of my characters have a little extra around the middle. Felicia and Holly are my biggest girls next to Miranda. Even she may not make the cut.


Worst Art Block... EVER!! But not all bad...

Until today I haven't drawn anything in almost a month!! That use to be unthinkable to me. All Ive worked on a quick little sketch of Mrs. M and touched up a picture if Cissy that been sitting for a while during my lunch break today but lately I've just lost it. I go on DA everyday and see all my friends and favorite artist just CRANKIN' OUT artwork like no tomorrow while I have problems wrapping up simple sketches in my mini sketch pad. I know it' one of the worst things to do, comparing yourself to other artist but I've just lost focus and I don't know why nor how to fix it as it's never hit me like this before, I mean NEVR!! Yeah there's been those periods of time between but normally due to lack of time but outside of Thanksgiving with my mother I've had all the time in the world. Even during my worst bouts with my depression I would manage to knock out a pic or two. This is so disheartening, I've been looking at my sketch book like its my free weights and I just don't want to do the exercise; which is something else my fat ass need to do but that's another subject for another blog at another time.

On the plus side the super awesome Andrew Dickman has put me on his watch list!! I was kinda star struck to think such a talented artist like him would check out my art and want do so on a regular basis. Andy was one of the first artist I discovered on DA and I know that this was truly a cool site where great artist shine. He said that even he is "...a sucker for sexy gal pictures." and thinks Chica and Fumie are adorable AND... that he checks out my blog now and then. That was cooler than when I saw the artist ShoNuff44 had faved my first Cino De Mayo picture. Yeah, I got self esteem issues... Anyway, Andy said we should do an art trade one day, how cool is that?! I'll take him up on that early next year after I put away some lagging projects and stuff. I have some much I could ask for art wise, some many characters, I'll have to think hard about what I'll ask for.

In the meanwhile, I'll keep pushing harder to create more art.


New sketches

Some artwork I did over the weekend...

The giant robot from the very first Blonde Marvel comic. Unfortunately, it's no longer available for viewing.


Addicted to DA

I was making fun of a friend of mine a while back who said she was addicted to Facebook. Well I thought that was the dumbest thing ever!! There's noting on facebook to be addicted to, unless you like those stupid games and facebook drama.

Well... I tried to stay off DA for a week and couldn't do it at all. I got on there every single DAY!! I'm a DA junkie...


A Pinky Promise editorial

Hello, I’m the Phantom Scrippler, the writer of Pinky Promise Comic. The New Year has just started and things have been moving along steadily here. We managed to get an actual strip done, made several new characters, and have laid down a workable outline for how we would like the plot to go. Not bad for a part time effort on a non paying hobby. However, there has been one little thing that has been bothering me lately. So…..

*Drags out Soapbox and steps atop it.*

There has been a large increase in people complaining about a few of the characters that have been introduced lately. Mostly these individuals are objecting to Roxie and her daughter, Hilde, and to some degree, April as well. They claim that these women are stereotypical and bad for the image of women, due to the fact that they are manipulative of men, or that they are promiscuous, or buy into existing stereotypes, such as brain dead bimbos who are promiscuous. First off, I would like to point out that these are fictional characters, they are not real. You cannot go down the street and run into a anthropomorphic female bovine, let alone Roxie. Secondly, I and my artist partner are trying to write an entertaining story. Now while there is a great deal of sexual content, I still am attempting to keep some form of actual life in these stories, just ask GB, we’ve debated some pretty weird, ‘In this world how does etiquette deal with…’ ideas in an attempt to make things mesh, from the whole, ‘Cat and dog have a kid, what is it?’ to ‘What is the proper decorum for tails?’ to ‘Do Bovine’s eat hamburgers?’. The reason that these characters exist, is because they are, baring an increased libido, since it is a sex comic, like real people. You don’t like everyone; there are people out in the world right now who are just like all these characters. We have dominatrix’s, submissive, people with sexual addiction, drug addiction, normal people trying to rebuild their lives after divorces, deaths of family members, people going to college, programming computers, teaching classes, and yes, cheating on their husbands, and wives. We have strippers, who are trying to raise their daughters by whatever means they can, including leeching off of Sugar-daddies, and girls who are not the brightest bulbs in the bunch. I find it odd that no one has complained that Cissy, who is a Submissive, willingly allows herself to be ‘owned’ by men and obey their every command, and there has never been any comment about this, but if April uses her large breasts to get a free cab ride, or meal then immediately she’s harmful to the cause of women.

All the girls here that have been created by the joint effort of GB and myself, which is pretty much most of them, save the early handful, are based on people I’ve known. Sorry to say, but, in real life, women use their bodies to get what they want! I’m not condoning it, I’m not saying its right, I’m only making my world as real as I can, given the confines of our plot choices. I’ve known women who will use a tight, low cut shirt, or a miniskirt, as a tool in their arsenal. At where I work, female sales reps are constantly trying to close the deal by wearing stuff that I’ve see streetwalkers wear. They do it because it works. It happens. Some of you think that Roxie is horrible because of how she treats Richard. Newsflash, this happens all the time people! Women cheat on their husbands, and husbands cheat on their wives. We have both in our world, Roxie and Beth, Linda’s partner in business, got divorced because her husband cheated on her. And not with Roxie, Beth used to live in some completely different city. Hilde is based on a real girl, who was just like her in my school, and she was a sweetheart, and anyone, including me, was willing to beat the crap out of any guy who treated her wrong, because she was so sweet. The point I’m trying to make, is that these stories are supposed to be real, that’s what is supposed to make them entertaining. If you don’t like a character, that’s your right, you don’t have to read about them if you don’t want to, but don’t tell me that they are tearing down the dignity of woman kind by their existence. Dignity is where you find it. It takes a great deal of dignity to perform as an exotic dancer, day in and out. Especially when you are trying to support a child. If a woman wishes to remove her clothing in artistic dance, it is wrong to tell her that she is demeaning herself by doing it if she does not feel that way. I respect all exotic dancers when I have seen them, and known several as friends. If men don’t respect their art, then they are in the wrong, but it doesn’t demean women to perform well in their chosen occupation. If they don’t wish to do that for a living, I fully support helping them leave the lifestyle, and have to those friends who wished it.

Anyway, I’m done ranting, and hope you all join us for a new year that will hopefully increase our bringing out Pinky Promise to you. Thank you.

One last thing, to the few who have asked. Damien does not know that Roxie is married.


When he finds out, he will not continue the relationship, and will suffer from a very guilty conscience about it. So, don’t hate the big guy, okay?

the Phantom Scrippler


Long Time, No Rant...

My buddy Darrell San said I need to update my blog, so...

Well, my computer is still technically malfunctioning, but I finally made the push to start back working on it. I can do digital coloring in Photoshop but not as well or as easy as before. I've got new art on my web galleries except on GraphicBrat.com. That's where the malfunction kicks back in to that fact that not all my programs work. I'm lucky that Photoshop still functions for the most part.

I've got so much backed up art waiting to be colored on top of the stuff I'm doing recently. I've got a bunch of Uber Boobers with a couple of fun ones like Uber Boober Olive Oil and Cathy... yeah, Cathy from the daily comics. I did it in honor of her retirement, I'm a long time fan.

Finally got the comic Pinky Promise kinda running. I need to keep it up which will be the hard part. But my buddy Darrell who is the creator of the Blonde Marvel cranks out a load of pages a month, that's something I need to shoot for.

Anyways, I got that Uber Boober Nekko Angel Lorelei finished for MDetecor5 as a favor I owe him. Turned out pretty good. Here's a sample.